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Husband wife jokes

I think one of the most hilarious categories of jokes in this world is the husband wife jokes. The beautiful relation of husband and wife generates largest number of jokes. Amazingly both the genders never mind having jokes on them. The joke lovers have created so many funny jokes on husband and wife. Their day to day activities, love and respect for each other are always presented in a hilarious way. Marriage jokes are all time favourite jokes among the adult crowd. The jokes on them are quite eccentric but they never fail to produce rib tickling laughter. The jokehub has accumulated funny marriage jokes or husband wife jokes in English, husband wife jokes in Hindi or pati patni jokes. The couple jokes always bring laughter in everyone’s lips. These can be shared in any party or can be sent to anyone. Can you imagine the relationship which is based on love, faith, respect and what not is a great source of entertainment around the globe? So don’t worry and be happy to share these funny pati patni jokes or husband wife jokes among your friend circle. Below are the most hilarious husband wife jokes of all time.
गर्लफ्रेंड तो कमजोर लोगों के पास होती हैं . . बहादुर लोग तो शादी करके खतरों से खेलते हैं.
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Rashid Rashid 08 Aug, 2018
पति को बाजार जाते हुए देख पत्नी ने पैसे देकर कहा "कुछ ऐसी चीज़ लाना जिस से मैं सुन्दर दिखूं"

पति खुद के लिए Whisky की दो बोतल ले आया। 

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Rashid Rashid 28 Jul, 2018

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