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Morning Jokes

Kick start our day with a bunch of jokes and it will definitely bring brighten up your day. It is our human tendency that we think if we have a beautiful morning we will have a beautiful day all together. So here you can have funny morning jokes or best morning jokes which can make our morning beautiful. Everyone in this world finds reason to smile and by sending a joke to your friends you can be the reason of it. This is the best place where you can find not only morning jokes but also Monday jokes which are apt for do away with Monday blues and amazing funny jokes which can set the Friday party mood. Statically proven that the productivity of an individual doubles when that person is happy. Wit, humour, fun are some important ingredients in life’s recipe. Make your life bright and beautiful with hilarious morning jokes. You can put a smile on your loved one’s face by sending these witty jokes. 

There is no denial of the fact that jokes play an important part in our daily life. Everybody bursts into laughter with a witty joke and who does not want to laugh. Thus this site is an excellent help to those who want to smile and make others smile. There are numerous Monday jokes which will definitely charge the readers at the beginning of the week and never the less one can find appropriate naughty jokes which one would love to have as Friday jokes to set the naughty mood. Make a habit of pick up some rib tickling joke every day and spend the day happily. Go through the page and you can find some best morning jokes, Monday jokes, Friday jokes and as a whole jokes for everyday.
People who gossip in bus should learn to complete their story faster. Its hard to go home not knowing how the story ended.😕
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Avadh kavathia Avadh kavathia 06 Dec, 2019
ना चाहते हुए भी तूने मेरा दिल दुखाया ना! सवेरे सवेरे कहा हैप्पी मैरिज एनिवर्सरी और मुझे यह याद दिला दिया कि मैं शादीशुदा हूं बीवी का गुलाम हूं!😡😈😢
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Mithu Ghoshal Mithu Ghoshal 28 Apr, 2019
What have you done in the morning?  You told me
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Mithu Ghoshal Mithu Ghoshal 22 Apr, 2019
Ek Ladka Aaya Ek Babaji ke paas aur kaha - Meri Biwi Mujhe Nalayak samajhti hai kya kare baba ji?

Babaji Bole - Meri Biwi Bhi Mujhe nalayak hi samajhti thi, aur uus problem ki solution dhund ne Ke Liye Hi main Sadhu Bana tha par koi solution dhund nahi Paya Aaj Tak. 

Babaji chup ho gaye.😢😴😑😕😠
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sunil dharmekar sunil dharmekar 22 Jan, 2019
My morning wisdom - 🧠🗣👂सुबह सवेरे ऑफिस जाने से पहले एक किस💋 लेना सेहत के लिए अच्छा होता है बीवी से मांगो🙏 दे दे तो ठीक है नहीं तो पड़ोसन कब काम आएंगे👄👀👁😜🤤
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Mithu Ghoshal Mithu Ghoshal 19 Jan, 2019
👑Morning wisdom🔰 of Baba Aramdev😇 - 
"Never exercise in the morning😑 
just save the energy for the whole day".😆😬😁
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Mithu Ghoshal Mithu Ghoshal 23 Dec, 2018
In the morning everyday my girlfriend's mobile needs two things only  -
😯a charger and me😇 I mean to say a recharger actually!😢😴😈😡
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Mithu Ghoshal Mithu Ghoshal 22 Dec, 2018
दीसम्बर में प्यारी लगती है खाट 

पर हर सुबह उठा देती है मम्मी की डाट 😂😂
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Arti jain Arti jain 21 Dec, 2018
Research  से पता चला है कि Wife से बात करने से
इंसान की टेंशन कम होती है,
हार्ट अटेक का खतरा 90% कम हो जाता है,
दिमाग 95% Relax हो जाता है,
Stress level 97% तक Normal पे आ जाता है…
बस एक बात का ध्यान रखे
“Wife अपनी ना हो…”
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Ajeet Singh Ajeet Singh 26 Nov, 2018
आज कुछ घबराये से लगते हो,
ठण्ड में कपकपाये से लगते हो,
निखर आई है सुरत आपकी,
बहोत दिनों के बाद नहाये हुए लगते हो…
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Ajeet Singh Ajeet Singh 25 Nov, 2018

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