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Political Jokes

Nobody is spared in the world of jokes. Truly speaking the politicians are targeted the most. Politics is such a heavy term but it has also never failed to create laughter. Never mind but political figures are great source of entertainment. People make amazing jokes of the political parties or political figures. Political comedy is also very famous. Throughout the world all the political leader are being mocked and there are pretty numbers of political jokes moving around. Obviously we Indians also burst into laughter with the jokes on Indian politics. There are NaMo and RaGa, Lalu and Rabri and many more contemporary jokes can be found here. 

If you are a political joke lover then you are in the right place. Here you can have election jokes, latest political jokes, political jokes in Hindi as well as political shayari. No doubt that you will be laughing out loudly with these funny jokes. Do not just confine those jokes on yourself, you can share them with the likeminded friends. There are funny political shayari for the people who love shayari. Thusmake your life full of light moments with these funny and humorous jokes.
I don’t know, when “ tum muj khun do, mai tumhe azadi dunga “ turned into “ tum muj MP banao mai tumhe daaru dunga “. 
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Jatan Patel Jatan Patel 03 Aug, 2020
Modi ji’s speech always gives me nostalgic feeling about my principal’s speech. 
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Jatan Patel Jatan Patel 17 Jul, 2020
Rahul Gandhi : Knock Knock ! Farmers          : Who's there? Rahul Gandhi : Potato  Farmers          : Potato who ? Rahul Gandhi : Tum mujhe Potato do mai tumhe gold Dunga !  Later that day Farmers were found to submit potatoes but, in an odd way with too much pace and with a certain projectile.  
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Rohit Khyalappa Rohit Khyalappa 19 Apr, 2020
I sometimes feel like I travel a lot and I need to settle down and start a family. Then I realize that I'm not Narendra Modi
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Anurag Nair Anurag Nair 19 Apr, 2020
Congress is like the birthday party of a 100 year old. Everyone knows he's about to die but still attends the party for the cake.
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Anurag Nair Anurag Nair 19 Apr, 2020
Beta - Papa  mujhe rajniti sikhini hai.  papa - Achhcha beta to fir mere hath me apna mukka mar Beta - hatana mat mat papa ?nahi hataunga Beta -  ne mara baap ne hata liya Beta - papa apne bola nahi hatbunga magar  Papa -  magar varar kuch nahi beta rajniti me apne baap ki nahi sunte
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nitesh nitesh 05 Jan, 2020
Young boy - Baba, I want to become a famous person immediately.  Monk - Go to West Bengal and speak very loudly 'Jai Shri Ram' then police will arrest you and media will make you famous instantly!😂😃😄😁😀😇😆😅😊☺
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Mithu Ghoshal Mithu Ghoshal 05 Jan, 2020
 I hate when people assume you're racist just because you showed hate and prejudice towards a certain race 
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Winstonheller Winstonheller 23 Sep, 2019
First friend - I want to become a politician.  Second friend - Then learn how to make a perfect cup of tea first. This is the first  step to become a politician now. Understood?
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Mithu Ghoshal Mithu Ghoshal 05 Sep, 2019
एक औरत ने ट्राफिक सिग्नल तोड़ दिया…

Traffic Police : रूको…

औरत – मुझे जाने दो… मैं एक टीचर हूँ…

पुलिसवाला – हो हो हो…..
इस दिन के इंतजार में तो कई दिन से था…

चलो चलो… अब लिखो…. 100 बार….
“मैं कभी ट्राफिक सिग्नल नहीं तोड़ूंगी…”
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Vipin kumar Vipin kumar 01 Mar, 2019

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