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Teacher Student Jokes

The conversation between a teacher and a student doesn’t only end up being a knowledge gaining session but more often than not become humorous incidents which don’t fail to make even the gloomiest of the people laugh. An adult who is trying to handle various kids with different quirks, these incidents are not only funny but have a sense of innocence which make it even better. We bring to you a variety of teacher student funny jokes and as they say love has no language, the love joke- lovers share for teacher student jokes too is not limited only to English-we have for you a section on teacher student jokes in Hindi and teacher student chutkule in Hindi. Perfect for lightening the mood and having a good laugh while connecting with your childhood memories, the best time of one’s life. Share it with friends and family and your teachers for that matter and become the reason behind their heart-warming smile. Scroll below to have different categories of funny jokes on students and teachers.
अध्यापक :-- 
क्या पढ़ाऊ आज  ???
छात्र :-- 
सर, आज निकाह पढ़वा दीजिए, रोल नम्बर 32 के साथ !!!!
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Mohd Akram Mohd Akram 17 Apr, 2019
Teacher - What is the best suggestion  you have received in your life soffar?
Student - One day you told me - 'Study is not your cup of tea, so just leave the school right now!'
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Mithu Ghoshal Mithu Ghoshal 11 Apr, 2019
बंटी पिंकी को देख कर गा रहा था :-  "आज मैं आजाद हूं उड़ता फिरूं मस्त गगन से"
यह देखकर सर ने कहा:- "पढ़ ले वरना मारूंगा इतना की बाल उड़ जाएंगे तेरे चमन से" 
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Jay jetwani Jay jetwani 11 Apr, 2019
बंटी ने आधी रात को मैक्स के सर को फोन लगाएं और कहा 
:-"सर आप हमारी कल भी क्लास लेंगे"
 सर ने कहा 
:-"हां क्यों क्या हुआ"
 बंटी ने कहा:-  "नहीं सर वह एक सपना आया था कि आप मर गए तो अपनी खुशी जाहिर करने के चक्कर में आप को फोन लग गया"
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Jay jetwani Jay jetwani 10 Apr, 2019
शिक्षक :- बच्चों बताओ! ताजमाल को किसने बनाया था l
रामू :- सर, मजदूरों  ने बनाया था l
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Karan Singh Karan Singh 01 Apr, 2019
Teacher ne kha students ko ghar pe kon kon kya kar ta hai students ne kha study chord ke PUBG ME SAB KO KILLED KAR TA HU

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ABDULBARI khan ABDULBARI khan 26 Feb, 2019
Teacher - paise udhar do par apne dost ko nahi,kyunki jab tum wo paise wapas mangoge tab woh tumhara dost ban jayega sabse bada dushman.😡😈😯😢😕😑
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Mithu Ghoshal Mithu Ghoshal 24 Feb, 2019
टीचर:- "बताओ पति पत्नी किसे कहते हैं."
 स्टूडेंट:-" जो लड़की अपने घरवालों को परेशान करने के बाद किसी और को परेशान करने के लिए आती है. वह पत्नी कहलाती है और जो लड़का उस आफत को अपने घर ले आता है वह पति के कहलाता है."
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Jay jetwani Jay jetwani 07 Feb, 2019
Teacher - Love is an ethereal modality.Hence it is not possible for everyone of the planet Earth to compile avail comprise yet share it. Understood?
Student - इसीलिए तो मैं दिल का रिश्ता किसी से नहीं बनाता बस जिस्म की ही पूजा करता रहता हूं!😉😊😅😆
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Mithu Ghoshal Mithu Ghoshal 07 Feb, 2019
During an airfare training, a student asked the instructor, 'Sir, if the engine is stopped due to mechanical fault during the flight, then how long will it take to fall down?' Trainer: Your remaining life!
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Dipayan Biswas Dipayan Biswas 02 Feb, 2019

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