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A good joke is succinct, containing no more detail than is needed to set the scene for the punchline at the end. In the case of riddle jokes or one-liners, the setting is implicitly understood, leaving only the dialogue and punchline to be verbalized.

Husband wife jokes
I think one of the most hilarious categories of jokes in this world is the husband wife jokes. The beautiful relation of husband and wife generates largest number of jokes. Amazingly both the genders never mind having jokes on them. The joke lovers have created so many funny jokes on husband and wife. Their day to day activities, love and respect for each other are always presented in a hilarious way. Marriage jokes are all time favourite jokes among the adult crowd. The jokes on them are quite eccentric but they never fail to produce rib tickling laughter. The jokehub has accumulated funny marriage jokes or husband wife jokes in English, husband wife jokes in Hindi or pati patni jokes. The couple jokes always bring laughter in everyone’s lips. These can be shared in any party or can be sent to anyone. Can you imagine the relationship which is based on love, faith, respect and what not is a great source of entertainment around the globe? So don’t worry and be happy to share these funny pati patni jokes or husband wife jokes among your friend circle. Below are the most hilarious husband wife jokes of all time.
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Girlfriend Boyfriend Jokes
Live life to the fullest with laughter. We have got numerous categories of hilarious jokes which will never fail to produce laughter even on a grumpy face. One of such categories is girl friend boy friend jokes. You can find here crazy girl friend jokes, romantic as well as funny jokes for a girl friend, funny jokes for a boy friend etc. You can send romantic jokes to your girl friend or your boy friend. These jokes will undoubtedly lift the mood of your partner. We have accumulated unique funny jokes for your girl friend as well as for your boy friend. The girls can send to their boyfriends and the boys can send to their girlfriends. Keeping in mind this relationship our writers have jotted down some really funny jokes on boyfriends and girlfriends. Double your happiness by sharing these crazy jokes with your partner and of course with your friends. These jokes are widely read so you can send them to all on your contact list. Scroll below to dig in to the world of laughter.
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Father Son Jokes in Hindi
Father son jokes are very unique but popular. In a certain point of life both father and son become the best friends. There are so many funny moments take place between them. Here on this page you can find how we have captured various father son funny and hilarious moments to present you as jokes. Every man in this world can relate with these jokes. These jokes will definitely bring laughter who ever will go through it. You can send these jokes to your father, friends, brothers or anyone who value you. Not only in English, you can find father son jokes in Hindi also. The relation between the parents and their child has been portrayed here in a very funny and subtle way. So enjoy these father andjokes and do not miss to send others also.
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Whatsapp Jokes
Whatsapp Jokes
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School Jokes
School Jokes
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Women Jokes
We can not but help laughing when we come across a joke. You can have jokes almost on everything. Women are also included in the perimeter of jokes. Can you imagine, women without whom the world is a dull place is also a subject to a joke? Actually it is nothing but one’s humour which can make anything funny. If you want to read jokes on women or women’s day joke then you are in the right place. We have got humorous and witty jokes on female which will make you laugh out loudly without hurting anyone. You can enjoy these jokes truly and even you can relate these with the lady of your life. These jokes are apt to make any party joyful. Not only in the parties women jokes bring joy and smile even to the gravest of the faces. Be free to share these funny women’s jokes with your friends and family members every day.
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Drinking Jokes
A glass of wine can be the source of many jokes or shayari. As they say jokes and daru make life devoid of dull moments. But do not take it seriously you can make your life free of dull moments with jokes only. Daru jokes and daru shayari are very popular. These are in fact considered as the ultimate category of jokes. In Hindi there are daru shayari which are all time favourite for the shayari lovers. We have got for you funny daru jokes and shayari in Hindi and English both. Any party is incomplete with out a joke but when we share a daru shayari , it doubles the fun. These drinking jokes in fact make the surrounding lively and hilarious. Daru jokes or beer jokes are often connected with the adult so you can share these jokes via whatsapp or facebook to your adult friends. Whether one loves to booze or not but I am sure a daru joke or a bar joke impresses all. Never stay behind, come and enjoy life with these spicy drinking jokes. Let others be happy with your jokes too. Share whenever you feel like to your close friends. The world can be a better place with these funny eccentric jokes.
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Political Jokes
Nobody is spared in the world of jokes. Truly speaking the politicians are targeted the most. Politics is such a heavy term but it has also never failed to create laughter. Never mind but political figures are great source of entertainment. People make amazing jokes of the political parties or political figures. Political comedy is also very famous. Throughout the world all the political leader are being mocked and there are pretty numbers of political jokes moving around. Obviously we Indians also burst into laughter with the jokes on Indian politics. There are NaMo and RaGa, Lalu and Rabri and many more contemporary jokes can be found here. 

If you are a political joke lover then you are in the right place. Here you can have election jokes, latest political jokes, political jokes in Hindi as well as political shayari. No doubt that you will be laughing out loudly with these funny jokes. Do not just confine those jokes on yourself, you can share them with the likeminded friends. There are funny political shayari for the people who love shayari. Thusmake your life full of light moments with these funny and humorous jokes.
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Funny Jokes
Yes you are in the right place if you are looking for funny jokes. This is an amazing platform for
different types of jokes. A joke is something which can uplift one’s mood. You can send your loved
ones funny joke of the day to make him or her laugh. Even you can have a good time if you go
through these funniest jokes ever. We have got variety of really funny jokes, funny jokes in Hindi as well as funny jokes in English. These hilarious jokes will no doubt make your day.

Now a days our life style become very hectic. Everyone looks for some solace and humour. Only a
really funny joke can bring instant smile on one’s face. Whenever we go through a funny line or a
joke immediately we feel good. Thus make your life stress free with these super hilarious jokes.
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Teacher Student Jokes
The conversation between a teacher and a student doesn’t only end up being a knowledge gaining session but more often than not become humorous incidents which don’t fail to make even the gloomiest of the people laugh. An adult who is trying to handle various kids with different quirks, these incidents are not only funny but have a sense of innocence which make it even better. We bring to you a variety of teacher student funny jokes and as they say love has no language, the love joke- lovers share for teacher student jokes too is not limited only to English-we have for you a section on teacher student jokes in Hindi and teacher student chutkule in Hindi. Perfect for lightening the mood and having a good laugh while connecting with your childhood memories, the best time of one’s life. Share it with friends and family and your teachers for that matter and become the reason behind their heart-warming smile. Scroll below to have different categories of funny jokes on students and teachers.
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Morning Jokes
Kick start our day with a bunch of jokes and it will definitely bring brighten up your day. It is our human tendency that we think if we have a beautiful morning we will have a beautiful day all together. So here you can have funny morning jokes or best morning jokes which can make our morning beautiful. Everyone in this world finds reason to smile and by sending a joke to your friends you can be the reason of it. This is the best place where you can find not only morning jokes but also Monday jokes which are apt for do away with Monday blues and amazing funny jokes which can set the Friday party mood. Statically proven that the productivity of an individual doubles when that person is happy. Wit, humour, fun are some important ingredients in life’s recipe. Make your life bright and beautiful with hilarious morning jokes. You can put a smile on your loved one’s face by sending these witty jokes. 

There is no denial of the fact that jokes play an important part in our daily life. Everybody bursts into laughter with a witty joke and who does not want to laugh. Thus this site is an excellent help to those who want to smile and make others smile. There are numerous Monday jokes which will definitely charge the readers at the beginning of the week and never the less one can find appropriate naughty jokes which one would love to have as Friday jokes to set the naughty mood. Make a habit of pick up some rib tickling joke every day and spend the day happily. Go through the page and you can find some best morning jokes, Monday jokes, Friday jokes and as a whole jokes for everyday.
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Santa Banta Jokes
No joke session is complete without santa banta jokes. These two comic characters are well known for their hilarious conversation. These two characters are almost synonymous with jokes. All the jokes related to S&B (popularly known as S&B) are very stupid and yet funny but their foolishness makes the listener laugh without any doubt. Their dumbness drives one crazy and relaxed at the same time. Santa banta jokes in hindi as well as santa banta jokes in English both are popular. Most of the jokes on them have shown how they can blabber and make others happy. Children of all ages enjoy the jokes related to S&B. Interesting part is that there are santa banta non veg jokes also which are quite naughty and funny. The best part about santa banta jokes is that they are never loud or indecent. We are happy to share with you all joke lovers that here we have accumulated quite a number of santa banta jokes. You do not have to search here and there different types of santa banta jokes in English or in Hindi or even non veg santa banta jokes. Just a click way one can find variety of funny and hilarious collection of jokes. 

Life is very hectic these days and jokes are real stress buster. Every day if we listen or go through a few jokes which can make us laugh then nothing like this. So here this joke hub comes as a solace. One can find different types of jokes of veg or nonveg jokes his or her type. Enjoy your day with these jokes and make other happy too with these hilarious jokes. There will not be any dull moment in your life when you will have these crazy jokes on your plate. Scroll below to laugh out loudly.
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