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Avadh kavathia

A stammering man came to a bookstore asking for a job.
The shopkeeper gave him 10 bibles and said, “sell all of these before evening and you can work here”. 
He accepted and went to sell.
After 1 hour, he came back asking for 10 more books to sell. 
The shopkeeper was shocked😳. He asked “I sit here all day in the shop, and I hardly sell 3-4 books in a day. How did you sell all of these in an hour?”
He replied(STAMMERING) “yoouu see thaaaat hou..se there. 
I went theeere”
The owner opened the door and said “what is it?😒”
I said (stammering) “Nothiiing... thiiiis is 1200 paage bible..., will yoouu buuy... it or shoouuld I staart to read?😏”
The owner bought all of these.
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People who gossip in bus should learn to complete their story faster.
Its hard to go home not knowing how the story ended.😕
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