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Prince Klerf

BOYFRIEND  : I feel like exploring you today.
GIRLFRIEND : Haha,that will never happen, I won't allow you.
GIRLFRIEND : I've reserved it for my future husband.
                      (One hour later)
GIRLFRIEND : Darling, I need $500 for some new shoes.
BOYFRIEND  ; Why do you think i should give money?
GIRLFRIEND : Because you love me and I also love you a bunch.
BOYFRIEND  : Sorry, I've reserved alll my monies for my future wife.
GIRLFRIEND  : What the hell !!

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                           THE INSULT
GIRLFRIEND : What? Did you just say I'm foolish?
BOYFRIEND : No, I did not say that , I drew that.Nonsense !
GIRLFRIEND : No wonder you are so dark,I don't even see you in the night when you turn off the light. I
                       think you understand me right?
BOYFRIEND : Did you just insult me?
GIRLFRIEND : I talked some fuck*n sense into your brainless head.
BOYFRIEND : You are so fat that when you decide to go on a diet, it will result in global hunger.
GIRLFRIEND : OMG ! Did you just return back my insult multiplied by 2?
BOYFRIEND : Oh no baby , I was only speaking in tongues divided by 4.
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