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Rohit Khyalappa

News : Use alcohol based sanitisers to protect yourself from coronavirus.
Few Smart asses : Consuming alcohol is also a valid alternative.
Drunken Monks in Gujarat : Modiji , Modiji ! Its  time to legalise liquor NOW!
                                               Bura time toh chal raha hai but , Ache Din finally aa Gaye !! 
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Category : Drinking Jokes

Rahul Gandhi : Knock Knock !
Farmers          : Who's there?
Rahul Gandhi : Potato 
Farmers          : Potato who ?
Rahul Gandhi : Tum mujhe Potato do mai tumhe gold Dunga !

Later that day Farmers were found to submit potatoes but, in an odd way with too much pace and with a certain projectile.
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Category : Political Jokes

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